“Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody has thought.”
                                                                                                                                                   – Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Folks, you got us right! We understand, analyze, research and then DESIGN from ‘scratch’. Out of three responses given by Milton Glazer to a piece of design – Yes, No and WOW! We believe in the third one. We don’t say we have paryay gyan or quality of extra sensory perception of reading customers mind, but we are not wrong in claiming that we understand what our clients’ need. ‘Experience says all.” We are capable of creating extra ordinary graphics and designs leading to our clients’ satisfaction.What’s our USP (Unique Selling Point)? ORIGINALITY! We work from scratch. Our team of designers-cum-specialists not only redefine creative designs but concepts too. Research and development is our first priority.

                               IDENTITY DESIGN

How you are different from others? Is it because of your different attitude and behavior that makes you unique from others? Similarly, what makes companies different from one another? Exactly, it’s their brand design which creates a unique stand in the competitive market. Your client recognizes and remembers you and your company with your brand design. Customers carry a psychology of connecting products and services with the brand design. Hence it is that important segment which needs to be worked upon to build customer loyalty, impression and image of your brand.

                UI / UX DESIGN                 

Design is a wide range of subjects which aren’t restricted to graphic design only. If you say, “He’s a graphic designer”, it isn’t instantly known what he actually does every day. Design is actually held together by plentiful pillars of accountability.Roles relating to Design are many and exist in variety of domains. To name a few: textile, fashion, ceramic, graphic, interior, print and numerous more. Of late, with arrival of tech companies focusing on creation of interfaces for screens, multitudes of new design jobs have come into play.


A print is defined something that you need to take out hard copy but for that first, you need a design. When you design something through the digital mode so that you can print it as a hard copy at the last step it is termed as Print Design. Print Design is another mode of marketing and branding produced on any surface like paper, cardboard, wood, leather, plastic etc. It helps to reach higher mass in a tangible form. This is done with the help of blocks, dye, colors, stamps etc. Few examples that can easily be seen around are brochures, pamphlets, gift and wedding cards, company boxes and bags to name a few. It can be done on any surface to market your product.

                      ART & ILLUSTRATION DESIGN             

Designers design, it can be logos or any graphics but illustration designers create lively character centric illustrations where an amalgamation of personality and humor can be seen. A stunning illustration can elaborate the whole story which will create a memorable image. Paste it on your wall, desk or in your bedroom, you will always remember ‘the best thing that you ever had’. An illustration is a visual elaboration of the text. It’s an interpretation of text and a concept too. You can see few of its examples in newspapers, magazines, books, animations and video games too. 


When we talk about graphic design, we also focus on motion graphic design which uses graphics that can be used in film making and video making through animation and motion graphic techniques. There is a high use of such technology which can easily be seen in three dimensional logos of television channels for their identity and in Kinetic typography. With time and change in technology this technique is too changing and advancing. Art has no boundaries and so does the mind. Experiments and talent is deadly combination that can design and make it moving with the help of tools and available skill set.


You have a world changing plan for your start-up, innovative team and a creative pipeline. But still it’s a challenge for a new venture to promote an interactive business idea to the world in an interactive way. We at stalwart help start-up’s to introduce their unique plan, product or services to the world in an unique, clear and interactive way so that it’s easy to understand and implement. After understanding your product/plan well, we will help you out in addressing it with interactive designing styles in form of creative images and motion videos.

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